Could this training save your life?

Arial Rescue

Aerial rescue is a work method specifically designed to bring back down to the ground a technician who needs assistance after an electric shock or following any incident causing loss of consciousness or incapacity.

Training on how to rescue an employee high up on a pole or strand is a Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations requirement; see section 8.10 under Poles and Elevated Structures.

Every technician must acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to rescue an employee high up on a pole or strand in the event of an emergency. I had the opportunity to review the theoretical training and practical exercises in preparation of the training package rollout.

In any emergency time is often a determining factor in the survival of the victim.

My personal reservations are that someone may act with the best of intentions but put themselves or the victim at additional risks.

Every emergency situation will require evaluations that could place us in harm of the hazard.

Safety comes first and we must be cautious not to act dangerously or rashly while still doing all that is possible in an emergency.

Some rescues are best left to the professionals.

Is this valuable training? What do you think?

In solidarity,

Sam Snyders
President, Local 1996-O

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