Action Alert: Don’t give hate a platform in Toronto

Dear Members,

This Friday, Steve Bannon, a former senior advisor to Donald Trump, is invited to Toronto to participate in the “Munk Debates: The rise of populism.” Steve Bannon was formerly the CEO of Breitbart, an alt-right website that promotes White Sumpracy, Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism. Community groups, labour unions and activists across the GTA have been organizing to stop the debate from going forward.

Bannon is not entitled to a platform to spew this hate in our city. If enough of us take action, then we can stop this event from going forward.

Last month, the New Yorker Magazine cancelled a high profile event featuring Bannon under public pressure. Earlier this week, Scotland’s First Minister withdrew participation of an event that included Steve Bannon calling him a fascist. Over the past month, there have been newspaper articles criticizing Munk Debates organizers for inviting Bannon to Canada. Canadians have sent thousands of emails and have made countless calls to Munk Debates organizers urging for the debate to be cancelled.

The debate is tomorrow, and I am encouraging you to take action and let Munk Debate organizers know that there is no space for hatred in Toronto.  Here are three actions you can take to help keep Toronto free of Steve Bannon’s hate speech.

  1. CALL The Munk Debates Organizers to let them know that Steve Bannon is not welcome here in Toronto:
  2. Sign the petition demanding the Directors and Advisors of the Munk Debates and the Aurea Foundation cancel Friday nights debate.
  3. Attend the rally this Friday, November 2nd, 5 PM, Steps of Roy Thomson Hall to protest the hateful idea and policies that Steve Bannon promotes.


In solidarity,


Christine Maclin