Equal Pay Day – April 9 – Wear Red Tuesday April 9th


This year on Tuesday, April 9, 2019, Unifor marks Equal Pay Day. This date is designated each year as the time when women will finally earn the same wage that men did in 2018!

Join Unifor to take action to close the gender wage gap with these four steps and let’s make some noise!  

  1. Wear red on Tuesday April 9 because the gender pay gap leaves women, “in the red” and help us send a united visual message with your selfie or group photo.
  2. Share your “red” solidarity photos on social media and email your images to communications@unifor.org!
  3. Share these Unifor graphics to show how to close the gap on women’s wages. On social media please include the hashtag #EqualPayDay
  4. Contact your provincial and federal representatives to ask that they take meaningful actions to finally end the gender wage gap. Start with this letter demanding pay transparency and action on universal child care.


Lisa Kelly  

Director, Women’s Department