Structured Cable MOA signed December 14, 2018



B E T W E E N:





(the “Union/Unifor”)




Whereas the purpose of Letter of Agreement 13 in the Collective Agreement is to outline the terms upon which the parties will work towards formalizing an MOA clarifying the job descriptions and requirements of Technicians and Cable Pullers that are part of the Structured Cabling Division.


And whereas the parties have come to an agreement regarding the aforementioned items NOW, THEREFORE THE PARTIES AGREE AS FOLLOWS:

  1. This agreement does not replace or supersede letter of agreement #13.


  1. The 15 employees identified (Appendix A) in the October 26 2018 meeting will have their common localities adjusted as per the document shared with the bargaining Their status will be changed accordingly if they are warranted of an upgrade in their correct common locality. This will be processed by January 31’1 2019.


  1. The work addresses of the structured cabling employees will be corrected in the HR system to reflect the work center associated with their common (see “Appendix 8” for details) This will be processed by January 31’12019


  1. The Company will advertise a 1-time posting process by January 31’12019 for only the technicians under the structured cabling division to move to rural areas outside of the GTA where the Company has sustainable


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