Unifor Message : Bell entry into customer premises

Members entering customer premises….memo

March 27, 2020

Over the course of the last number of days and weeks during the ongoing pandemic, members of your health and safety structures, your bargaining committees and representatives of the national union have all worked diligently to advocate for your safety at work and to keep our members working.

One area that has been continuously evolving is how we advocate for the protection of members entering customer premises.

For days now, we have witnessed other telco companies in Canada move to a complete ban on entering customer homes. Bell has yet to take the same position for what they submit are good reasons. Our members are anxious and have reached out to the union to convey their concerns, which we have conveyed to the company.

According to company estimates, in excess of 70% of jobs can be done without entering the home.

It is our position, given all that is happening in the world, that entering the home should be done on a volunteer basis only. Concerned employees need to work with their manager to convey these concerns.

This position has been conveyed to the company. In discussions with the company we understand a new updated customer premise policy is forthcoming.

We will continue to work with the company on issues as this situation evolves.


In solidarity,
Chris MacDonald                               John Caluori
Assistant to the President                Assistant to the Quebec Director