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Lee Zommers
Office : 416-237-1996
Cell: 416-346-0317

The President co-ordinates all the work of the local. He plans and chairs regular union meetings, and sees that Unifor policies are carried out at the local level as set out by the membership or the Local Bylaws. The President is the official spokesperson for Local 1996. The President serves as chair of the grievance committee, and is responsible for the appointment of other members to the committee.


Chris Glover
Office : 416-237-1996
Cell: 416-576-5981

The Vice-President is the President’s right-hand person. The Vice-President acts in the temporary absence of the President, and has the special responsibility of ensuring that the Stewards are actively involved in union business and recruiting new members.

Treasurer/Mental Health/Addiction advocate

Brian Lowery
Office: 416-237-1996
Cell: 416-571-0106

The treasurer collects all monies paid to the Local union, including membership dues, fines and assessments. He or she is also responsible for properly accounting for all Local funds.


Lloyd Bishop
Office: 416-237-1996
Cell: 416-578-9534

The Secretary keeps the wheels of union business turning for the Local. The Secretary handles correspondence and maintains consistent information flow about union issues. He keeps a database of Local members, takes minutes of Local meetings, and is in charge when both the President and Vice-President are absent.


Chief Stewards

Chief Stewards act as a resource for Stewards. In consultation with the President, the Chief Steward is responsible for taking appropriate action in matters that a Steward is unable to resolve. Chief Stewards consult with the President on all grievances they submit.


Stewards are responsible for supervising the application of the Unifor Constitution and Bylaws, and the Collective Agreement. The Steward reports any violations to a Chief Steward or Local Officer.



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Royal Windsor



Sherwin Stephens

Cell: 416-550-3426


Health & Safety Reps

Health & Safety Representatives represent the Unifor membership on the Joint management/union Health & Safety Committee. The Health & Safety Reps can participate in any investigation relating to unsafe workplace environments and situations. If you have a health or safety concern, these are the Co-Chairs.


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Sergeant At Arms

The Sergeant at Arms, under the direction of the presiding officers, maintains order and decorum among the members and all persons present at a meeting and may even expel persons from the meeting.  He may act as doorkeeper and is responsible for admitting only eligible persons.  He acts as usher or directs the ushers and is generally responsible for the comfort and convenience of the assembly.  In some organizations it is his duty to arrange the meeting equipment, such as chairs and tables.