Union organizing is central to how we function and grow. Our national has said that organizing must become a top priority.

Organizing must become a top priority, a core function of our existence, at all levels of the union. We must promote organizing throughout the union; it must become part of all of our conferences, meetings, and education programs. Every elected national and local leader, staff person, and union activist must understand that successful organizing is critical to our future.

You can learn more about our union’s position on organizing and get the complete organizing policy paper on the Unifor national website.

Community Chapters

If you don’t work somewhere that has a union or can form one, Unifor’s Community Chapters are a new way that workers can have some of the benefits of a union.

This includes people who do not have a direct employer-employee relationship – such as freelancers, contract workers or others who do not have a traditional employment relationship.

Learn more about Community Chapters.

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