Hear Bell Workers’ Stories

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Hear Bell Workers’ Stories:

“For a company that talks about mental health, the mental health of their employees is the last thing on their minds,” says 30-year Bell employee Nicole. As Chief Steward of Unifor Local 6006 representing Bell clerical workers, Nicole says the firing of the women in her unit was cold and callous.

After 18 years of service, Sonny Malhotra lost his job when Bell eliminated his entire unit. Now, the remaining Bell workers that he represents as President of Unifor Local 607 face the threat of being placed on so-called ‘performance plans’ to monitor their productivity. Sonny believes if anyone should be on a performance plan, it should be Bell CEO Mirko Bibic.

President of Unifor Local 42 and a 27-year veteran Bell technician Drew Kerrigan says that while the scope of technicians’ work has expanded the time frame given to complete jobs has compressed, with every moment monitored and micromanaged.

“Bell wants to be the corporate champions of mental health but they don’t care about the mental health of their employees,” says long-time Bell worker and Chair of Unifor’s Unifor National Telecommunications Industry Council Jeff Brohman.

Bell Canada penalizes technicians for ‘inefficiencies’ beyond their control to pit workers against each other with the threat of the ‘Coaching for Success’ supervision program. Bell technician and Unifor Local 34-0 President Jim Fling shares his story.

Marc-Andre has taken pride in keeping Canadians connected during his almost quarter century working at Bell. Now he warns of the deterioration of customer service due to constant job cuts.

Bell workers took a pay cut to secure their position in the future but despite making billions BCE still eliminated jobs, says Justin Connolly, President of Unifor Local 25.

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No evidence Big Three carriers acting as fibre wholesalers would hurt smaller providers, CRTC says

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The CRTC has denied a request by Bell Canada and some independent internet providers for an expedited decision that would prevent large carriers from using rivals’ fibre networks to offer their services to customers.

The regulator said the request, filed in March, “failed to provide sufficient evidence of irreparable harm.”

CRTC secretary-general Marc Morin delivered the response in a Friday letter to the coalition, which also includes TekSavvy, Eastlink, Cogeco Communications Inc. and the Competitive Network Operators of Canada.

The companies had argued that granting Canada’s Big Three internet carriers, including Bell itself, access to one another’s fibre networks would threaten the viability of independent internet service providers.

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Bell Outage due to sliced lines in Oshawa

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South Oshawa customers of Bell who’ve been without internet services after a massive bundle of fibre and copper cables was cut during Simcoe Street Bridge construction over the weekend are frustrated at how long its taking to fix the issue.

A statement from the company released late Wednesday, May 9, won’t help the issue much. It says while the “majority of customers will begin to see services restored starting this evening (May 9),” full service won’t be back until Monday, May 13.

Bell’s statement released Wednesday reads:

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Unifor celebrates Paramedic Services Week 2024

May 9, 2024


Unifor proudly honours the relentless and unwavering commitment of paramedics to mark Paramedic Services Week from May 19 to May 25.

This year’s theme, “Help Us, Help You”, focuses on sharing tips on how community members can best support paramedics and other emergency services personnel in the event of an emergency. By working together, community members and first responders can help build a safe and healthy community.

Paramedics are on the front lines of medical emergencies, providing critical interventions from the moment of contact to the transfer of care at medical facilities. Their profound dedication and expertise have been particularly vital as we continue to navigate the complexities of post-pandemic health care and the challenges posed by ongoing health care reforms.

The resilience of paramedics has been tested by continuous demands for increased efficiency amid scarce resources, a challenge exacerbated by current legislative measures that threaten the integrity of the public health care system. As a union we have vehemently opposed any actions that compromise the quality of public health care or the welfare of Unifor health care members.

We stand in solidarity with EMS workers, advocating for better working conditions, fair compensation, and sufficient resources to ensure they can perform their lifesaving duties effectively.

Our union is committed to this fight, pushing for policies that prioritize the health and safety of both Unifor members and the public.

This Paramedic Services Week, let us all express gratitude for paramedics. Join us in celebrating their exceptional service and advocating for a healthcare system that truly reflects the value of the care they provide.

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Nestle workers go on strike after bitter pensions offer from employer

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TORONTO—Workers at Nestle have decided to strike over a lack of improvements to their pension plan. Also at issue is the time it takes workers to get to the top rate of pay.

“Nestle workers in the past have gone on strike over pension contributions and again, it’s at the crux of this dispute,” said Unifor National President Lana Payne. “Retirement security is very important to our members, and you throw an affordability crisis on top of that, and it’s no wonder our members are determined to fight here.”

There are 461 Local 252 members at the Toronto Nestle plant, which produces Kit Kat, Aero, and Coffee Crisp chocolate bars, as well as Smarties. They work as machine operators, bar packers, shippers and receivers, general labourers, and in Skilled Trades.

“As one of the biggest food and beverage manufacturers in the world, the company has a responsibility to make sure workers can have a decent income during these challenging economic times,” said Unifor Local 252 President Eamonn Clarke.

“Members were not satisfied with the lack of improvements to pensions and a two-year Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) freeze. Our union will stand with our members as they continue to fight for a fair deal that shows them the respect they deserve.”

The union doesn’t have any planned negotiation dates with the company, but will keep the membership updated.