Working Schedules on Election Day


To:  All Technicians at Bell Technical Solutions in Ontario

All Field Managers and Senior Managers at Bell Technical Solutions in Ontario

From: Workforce Management Team
Subject: Working Schedules on Election Day

Municipal elections will be held next Monday, October 22. As stated in the Ontario Elections Act, you are entitled to three (3) consecutive hours to cast your vote during voting hours on polling day, between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm.

For part-time technicians: The start times and/or durations of the scheduled shifts will be modified accordingly to allow for 3 hours to vote.

For 10-hour full-time technicians starting at 7:30 am or 8:00 am: The scheduled shifts will be modified accordingly with time coded as POP.

For 8-hour and 10-hour full-time technicians starting at 10:00 am: An offer will be sent to change your shift to an early start. These shifts will also be modified accordingly when needed, with time coded as POP.

Thank you,

Workforce Management Team

Persons Day

Persons Day


October 18, 2018


On October 18, Unifor members join Canadians in celebrating Persons Day. On this day in 1929, women won the right to be appointed to the Senate of Canada, finally being considered “persons” under the law. Since that time women have continued to work tirelessly to break down barriers to women’s full participation in public and political life. Using the lens of intersectionality, we can see that barriers can be compounded for women of colour, indigenous women, immigrant women, trans women and women with disabilities.


Persons Day is a reminder that equality cannot be reached simply through persistence. There must be a legal and systemic framework that supports gender equity – programs and policies such as universal child care, employment equity, reproductive rights and effective measures to combat sexual harassment.


Recent events illustrate the continued presence of sexual harassment and sexual assault in women’s lives. Unifor is committed to addressing these issues in the workplace with strong anti-harassment language, respectful workplace training and joint investigation processes. We encourage all locals to ensure these measures are in all collective agreements.


It is only through eliminating sexual harassment and sexual assault that women will be able to truly take their place as persons with full rights in society.



In solidarity

Lisa Kelly  

Director, Women’s Department

@UniforWomen |@SyndicatUnifor


$15 and Fairness Day of Action



Last week, I asked if you were willing to act to defend the $15 minimum wage and workers’ rights.

Since then, I’ve heard from members across the province. From workplace actions, to petition collections, you’re ready to make some noise on Monday, October 15.

On Monday, Unifor members are participating in a province-wide day of action. Together, we’ll show that workers from all sectors, in communities right across the province, are united in our defense of a strengthened Employment Standards Act and the $15 minimum wage.

If you’re not sure about how to take action, here’s one idea that is easy to implement.

Wear red to work! Take photos of yourself and your fellow Unifor members with the posters that I’ve attached to this email. Post those pictures online with the hashtag #15andFairness and #Unifor.

It’s important that every single MPP understands that workers will not allow our rights to be rolled back.

To participate in events that are already organized across the province, check out the list compiled by the Worker’s Action Centre: