Structured Cable MOA signed December 14, 2018



B E T W E E N:





(the “Union/Unifor”)




Whereas the purpose of Letter of Agreement 13 in the Collective Agreement is to outline the terms upon which the parties will work towards formalizing an MOA clarifying the job descriptions and requirements of Technicians and Cable Pullers that are part of the Structured Cabling Division.


And whereas the parties have come to an agreement regarding the aforementioned items NOW, THEREFORE THE PARTIES AGREE AS FOLLOWS:

  1. This agreement does not replace or supersede letter of agreement #13.


  1. The 15 employees identified (Appendix A) in the October 26 2018 meeting will have their common localities adjusted as per the document shared with the bargaining Their status will be changed accordingly if they are warranted of an upgrade in their correct common locality. This will be processed by January 31’1 2019.


  1. The work addresses of the structured cabling employees will be corrected in the HR system to reflect the work center associated with their common (see “Appendix 8” for details) This will be processed by January 31’12019


  1. The Company will advertise a 1-time posting process by January 31’12019 for only the technicians under the structured cabling division to move to rural areas outside of the GTA where the Company has sustainable


Read the full agreement here

Important Information – BTS Ottawa / Gatineau Daily Loans – LRC Update

Please see the below letter from the Labour Relations Committee




Last week during our LRC meetings, the Company and the Union came to the following agreement:


All employees of Ontario will be scheduled to work 40 hours per week, with no RPT being issued FSU and this offer will begin on Sunday, December 23, 2018 remaining in place until January 5, 2019.

During the period mentioned, the Union consents to having technicians from Gatineau being loaned daily to the Ottawa region.


If any employee in Ontario runs out of work during this period, call your manager or the duty manager to indicate that you are available for the remainder of your shift to assign work. If you go home you will not be paid your guaranteed hours.

Should the parties extend this agreement in the New Year for any period of time, we will send out a notice in advance


We wish you and your families a safe and happy Holiday and New Year!


In Solidarity,

From your Ontario BTS Bargaining Committee; Shawn Cowan, Jim Fling, Jeff Mark, Colum Lynn




Tyson Siddall

Telecommunication Director

Directeur des Télécommunications

Tuesday, December 18 – Bell Sales Solidarity Day

Attention all members working for Bell Canada companies,

As you may know, we recently began bargaining for members in our Bell Sales certification. The bargaining committee is fighting for respect, maintaining jobs in the bargaining unit and like every one of you, opposing the stacked ranking performance management model.

In support of the committee, Unifor is designating Tuesday, December 18 as Bell Sales Solidarity Day, on which Unifor Bell members across the country are asked to wear red to demonstrate strength and solidarity.

The goal of the day is to demonstrate the widespread support for Unifor members in Bell Sales, in support of their bargaining goals.

I’m asking you to please do the following to make December 18 a success:

  • Wear red on December 18
  • Take photos of you and your coworkers and share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Use the hashtag #endstackedranking
  • Share the social media graphics which will soon be published on the national Unifor accounts @unifortheunion and

Here are some sample tweets that you can use:

  • I support @Bell Sales workers fighting for respect and better working conditions #endstackedranking
  • Hey @Bell, back off stacked rankings and negotiate a fair deal with Sales workers #endstackedranking
  • .@Bell stacked ranking pits workers against each other and has been abandoned by employers everywhere. #endstackedranking

Our collective action will help the members working in Bell Sales achieve their goals at the table.

In solidarity,

Chris MacDonald                                                             John Caluori
Assistant to the National President                                     Assistant to the Quebec Director

#SaveOshawaGM campaign officially launched

Jerry Dias

To all Unifor members and staff,

Today Unifor officially launched its #SaveOshawaGM campaign with a nationwide call to support autoworkers and to keep good jobs in Canada.

Despite earning $6 billion U.S. in profits so far this year, General Motors announced that it plans to end production at the Oshawa Assembly Plant after 2019. Unifor represents 2,600 workers at Oshawa GM and 2,700 more at auto parts suppliers that service the plant. It is estimated that every direct job in auto assembly creates seven other jobs, meaning thousands of additional jobs would be lost in the wider economy.

This fight is about saving good paying jobs for our members but it is also a fight against corporations that expect Canadians to remain as loyal customers while striping away jobs from workers, those employed in spin off jobs, and the communities that depend upon them. If GM is allowed to exit Oshawa without consequence it sets a dangerous precedent, not just for auto but for all Canadian manufacturing jobs at multinational corporations.

I ask you to join in taking a stand for working people. Together we can send a clear message to GM that we do not, and will not, accept this unprincipled act of corporate greed.

Today we unveiled a Tree of Hope in Oshawa’s Memorial Park, decorated with #SaveOshawaGM ornaments and surrounded by a banner with messages of support for the workers.

Unifor is asking all Canadians to visit to order a free #SaveOshawaGM ornament to display on their tree and on social media using the hashtag #SaveOshawaGM. Those in the Oshawa area are invited to visit the Tree of Hope to sign the banner.

GM 1






At the website you will also find a letter to email to GM executives telling them to reverse their decision on the Oshawa Assembly Plant and continue to maintain its manufacturing footprint in Oshawa. Please take a minute to click and send this important email and ask your family and friends to do the same. #SaveOshawaGM t-shirts are also available for purchase on the site, or using this form.

Public pressure is the best weapon that we possess against GM.  The company and its executives need to feel the heat of public outrage and understand there will be reputational and financial harm to its brand. I encourage you all to get active on social media to let GM know that you stand with the workers. Like and follow @SaveOshawaGM on Twitter. Use the #SaveOshawaGM and #Unifor hashtags and tag in @GM, @GMcanada and CEO @mtbarra. Let’s see those pictures with your #SaveOshawaGM ornament!

Future events are being planned with details forthcoming. Thank you all for your support in this campaign. I wish you all a happy and safe holiday and a wonderful New Year.

In Solidarity,

Jerry Dias
Unifor National President