Food Drive



Sisters and Brothers. Many people locally in your areas struggle at this time of year and in the spirit of the season we are asking for your support with a Food Drive.   Lets reach out this season and help the less fortunate. Your Logistic Brothers and Sisters have a food drive underway. Located in every work centre, you can donate a non perishable food item in the donation box. Lets all make this a success.

Here are some items that are highly needed and sought after.

Food Items

Media Release -Bell technical workers enter bargaining united

Bell technical workers enter bargaining united

December 6, 2017

Toronto – More than 7,000 technical workers employed at Bell Technical Solutions in Ontario and Quebec entered negotiations today as Unifor coordinated its bargaining strategy to push for fairness.


“Bell needs to know that our union is willing to talk, we are willing to listen, and we will come to the table in good faith to negotiate a fair collective agreement,” said Unifor National President Jerry Dias. “But let me be perfectly clear, these are different times and Unifor is approaching this round of bargaining differently.”


Unifor said this is not only the first set of negotiations with Bell Technical Solutions since Unifor’s founding in 2013, but it is historic. The union has engaged in a joint bargaining process representing 19 locals in Ontario and eight in Quebec, a first for technical workers in Canada.


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Lee Zommers addressing Ontario Regional Council – Your Voice being heard


The National, Jerry Dias spoke in depth about Bell and the current bargaining units underway. Many Bell Clerical unit members spoke on several issues within their bargain units as well, It’s Time.

As Member at Large for the Telecommunications Industry Council, Lee spoke of the many concerns and topics we have as members, just to name a few, the longevity of the current contract of 9 years, Work Life Balance which is very important to our members and their families and not just at BTS but all the Bell units as well.

Of late, Unifor has resolved several Grievances. In addition an Overtime Averaging Agreement for our members that is STRICTLY VOLUNTARY – A GOOD WIN FOR US ALL! and a great step forward to achieving work life balance. Unifor is vesting huge efforts to ensure negotiations will remain in good faith with our employer.

We will stand strong together as Ontario and Quebec will be at a common table for bargaining.


It is time our members are heard!


In Solidarity,


The Executive