Brian Lowery elected to H/S and the Environment for Ontario Regional Council (ORC)

ORC Brian

On December 2, 2017, Brian was elected as Health and Safety and the Environment for the Ontario Regional Council (ORC). With this position comes many responsibilities that he is committed to fulfill.

In the past several years, Brian and the Executive have been strong advocates and have worked tirelessly to address the issue of Stress and perceived harassment in the workplace as well as the absolute need to find Work Life Balance for all members. This new position will allow him to put even more focus on this very urgent issue.

Please join the local and congratulate him. We look forward to his new initiatives


In Solidarity,


Local 1996-O Executive

Unifor/BTS Bargaining Update

It has been a long 9 years as Bell Technical Solutions members have been waiting for this round of negotiations. On December 6 2017 both Unifor and BTS will commence bargaining.

As this Executive has stated many times at meetings and visibility, we are absolutely committed to ensure your bargaining concerns are addressed.

Local 1996-O with over 700 of your proposals met at the Ontario Bargaining Caucus, 1996-O will be represented at the bargaining table with an assurance from your representative to address your needs and demands.

We will be united and stand strong as both provinces are aligned to be at the same Bargaining Table.


Please click on the links below for Bargaining communications.

BTS Letter Bargaining Opening

BTS Management Reps

Newspaper closings hurt journalism: Unifor

November 27, 2017

Toronto – The announced swap of several newspapers between two media giants, and the subsequent closing of several publications, is the natural result of the federal government’s failure to address the crisis in the industry, Canada’s media union says.

“The crisis in the newspaper industry will not be solved by making already-larger media companies even bigger and offering the public fewer journalistic voices,” said Unifor National President Jerry Dias.

Dias called on Heritage Minister Melanie Joly to immediately take strong action to address the crisis in the newspaper industry before more papers close.

“Minister Joly has been presented with many options for addressing the structural challenges facing newspapers in Canada. It is time to act,” Dias said.

Earlier today, Torstar and Postmedia announced that they are swapping several Ontario daily and community papers. Postmedia also announced that it is closing almost two dozen of the papers it is acquiring from Torstar.

Torstar is also closing several papers, including dailies the Barrie Examiner and the Orillia Packet and Times. Unifor represent journalists and other media workers at both chains.

Black Press and Glacier engaged in a similar swap of British Columbia publications in 2014, which also resulted in several titles closing.

“A thriving democracy requires a diversity of journalists’ voices. Today’s actions will quiet that diversity,” said Unifor Media director Howard Law.

Law said Unifor will be meeting with its members at affected papers, and with both companies, to discuss the change in ownership at several publications, as well as the closures, and the impact on its members and the communities.

Unifor represents 12,000 media workers across Canada, including about 4,000 journalists.


Union Meeting venue change

Please note. The venue location for the next Union Meeting on Sunday December 17, 2017 @ 7:30pm has been changed. It will now be held @ UNIFOR LOCAL 112, 30 Tangiers Rd. (Finch and Keele)