The Power of an Engaged Membership

The local union is the basic building block. It’s where members see the union in action, go to meetings, and participate in campaigns, committees and recreational activities.

It’s where we learn from one another through our incredible diversity. It’s the beginning middle and end of every campaign and every fight. It’s where we organize the unorganized and fundraise for important charities and causes.

We know that to really move to a higher level, we need to strengthen the part of the union that is closest to the Local, our membership. We need to develop programs and resources that make our collective action more effective in addressing exploitative conditions in the workplace and society more broadly. We need to inform and motivate and build our capacity to fight back and win.

Technology is transforming the ways people find connections, join and belong to groups, and engage in activism. It’s a vital part of our efforts to continue to promote our local and unionism values.

At the heart of it, we want to equip our members with the tools to participate.

To that end, we’ve just launched a new website. I hope it will be a regular part of your week to help you stay informed, connected and empowered. Please let me know what you think.

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Together, let’s realize the vision of a powerful and engaged membership.

Lee Zommers