Statement on International Women’s Day

Five female silhouettes with the text "Women are unstoppable."

International Women’s Day 2022 is an opportunity for working-class women to celebrate and reflect on our accomplishments as well as gather strength for the fights that lay ahead.

For more than 100 years, women in the labour movement across the globe have marked March 8 by celebrating collective achievements and recommitting to the fight for gender equality.

Although 2022 finds us still solidly in the pandemic, it also marks a year that brings many wins for women in our union to celebrate. Gains like pay equity and child care – that women have been fighting to achieve for decades – have passed into federal legislation and are now within reach for a new generation. These wins cannot be understated and can inspire us all to aim even higher.

A better world is possible!

In every workplace and community across Canada, there remains important work to be done to end racism and violence against women and girls. It will require a determined focus to bring these significant gains to the lives of working-class women.

As the pandemic continues, so does the inequity that has disproportionately impacted women. Women of colour, Indigenous women, queer and trans women, and women living with disabilities have been affected in ways that further deepened the gaps they experience every day. Building back better must be achieved through this lens of inclusion.

Our work together continues to advance equity in all of our workplaces and communities, despite the real pressures women are facing at home and at work.

We continue to prove in the most challenging times that Sisters in Unifor are indeed unstoppable.

This last year has shown Unifor:

In 2022, women need real progress toward gender justice and that means celebrating our historical wins while continuing to fight together toward equality. This year we recognize the work of so many women in our union and our collective determination to deliver significant improvements to our everyday lives.

Together, we are unstoppable.

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