1996-O member message, COVID-19

1996-O Executive Message

Sisters and Brothers of Local 1996-O.

As we move forward during the Novel COVID-19 Pandemic, This Executive continues to field hundreds of calls with regards to both your concerns and your rights. Our Executive and local Health and Safety Representatives are engaged in conference calls with both the company, Union and the Union BTS 5.06 REP, to both address your concerns as well as put in place proactive steps to assist you in doing your job safely. In addition, as new information and practices are released by the Company and Union, we will post this for you immediately and without delay.

You can stay informed easily by

Visiting the company INet

Visiting the Local Website          http://unifor1996-o.ca/

Following us on Twitter             @Unifor1996wire

Visit and signup on Facebook    https://www.facebook.com/UNIFOR1996O/

Ontario COVID 19 Website        https://www.ontario.ca/page/2019-novel-coronavirus



We will together get through this with the help and support of each other. Each of this Executive are committed to ensure YOUR Physical and Mental health.

As difficult as times may seem at the moment, We, and our families will work as one unit throughout this challenge in Solidarity,

May you and your families be well and strong!



In Solidarity,

Lee   Brian   Sanjay  Chris

Local 1996-O