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Election Results


Local 1996-O Executive Elections


Nominees For:                                                  Spoiled Total:

Sam Snyders                        592                                                     2
Colum P. Lynn                     373


Vice President:
Lee Zommers                        611                                                     2
Nabil Nassar                         352


Brian Lowery                        593                                                     2
Louis Donisi                         254
Janet Quigley                       116 (Withdrawn)


Chris Glover                          636                                                     2
Art McCrorie                          327


In Solidarity,

Local1996-O Election Committee

Presenting the Facts


Brothers and Sisters,

We wish to address the misinformation circulating in regard to our fight for equality. It is unfortunate during this time of strife between the Union and the company that some individuals have chosen to publicly air their disagreements without first addressing the Local 1996-O Executive directly.

Our recent update mentioned that members from other Bell and BTS locals have contacted us requesting information about our common sense campaign. This is a fact! And why wouldn’t they? Wanting to know how to secure additional rights and benefits is what any member should want.

In response, we have directed them to seek answers from their own local representatives as all Ontario Communications Council (OCC) delegates have access to the same information as members of Local 1996-O.

Last November, the same OCC delegates voted in favour of a proposal for the GTA Presidents to take our plan of action to Jerry Dias, President of Unifor, based on a legal opinion obtained by Local 1996-O.  During the council, we were asked whether we had membership support…

So what did we do?

We brought the same presentation to you, our members, and an astonishing 91% of you voted in support of this mission for fairness and equality.

Our members gave us their direction and this local executive is going to do exactly what the membership has asked:  we are going to continue to spread awareness of this new legal opinion and advance our fight for equality.

To stay with the status quo (as certain individuals suggest), should not be an option.  Are there associated risks?  Of course.  But doing nothing is an even bigger risk.

We all know that there are already 1,200 contractors out there doing our work.  What happens when there are three times as many contractors in 2018, PLUS Bell technicians who will be forced to scab our work?

High wages? Don’t think so.  More benefits?  Doubt it.  More hours?  Not likely.  Layoffs?  Most definitely.

What do we have to lose by trying to gain more leverage now – before we lose everything in 2018?

What has been circulated is simply inaccurate. It only serves to slow down the momentum of our fight for fairness and equality.  It is a crude attempt to stop progress and spread fear. Local 1996-O and its Executive are not afraid.

In fact, we are proud to represent the members of Local 1996-O in the way that they expect based on a 91% vote in favour of this campaign.  We are pushing this plan of action forward and taking it to Jerry Dias and the National Union.  This Local is fighting for equality.  There are those who believe it isn’t attainable, but that thinking will get us nowhere.  We will not cower in the face of opposition. Do not let fallacies sway you from what you know to be true.

Where do you want to stand come 2018?

Fighting for Equality – It’s Common Sense


In Solidarity,