BCE, the best performing telecom stock!


In case you missed yesterday’s big financial news, BCE released adjusted Q4 earnings. It looks like they’re outperforming everyone else and the bottom line is healthier than ever:

BCE Inc. (BCE.TO 0.00%) is raising its dividend five percent after fourth-quarter adjusted earnings met expectations and amid what the company’s CFO calls a “very strong” financial foundation.

As Canadians continue to flock to wireless everything, consume media on our phones, watch TV online, etc., BCE and its shareholders are reaping the rewards.

“Bell’s operating momentum and financial foundation going into 2016 are very strong,” said Chief Financial Officer Glen LeBlanc in a statement. “We expect to drive growth in underlying adjusted net earnings and a healthy year-over-year increase in free cash flow.”

With Bell’s continued investment in capital spending programs ($3B last year, likely to stay the same), the future looks clear and bright.

We love BCE. They’re our livelihood. Our Partners. Their success is our success, right? That’s why we approach our work for them with the spirit that we do.

So, naturally, we can expect to benefit in our share of the healthy bottom line, rewards, and increased free cash flow, right? I mean, the only thing that might get in the way would be if that success was to some degree dependent on keeping us down.

“Overall, results show continued resiliency in operations and strong cost control – a BCE management hallmark,” wrote Desjardins Capital Markets analyst Maher Yaghi in a note to clients Thursday morning.

I, for one, certainly hope that “strong cost control” isn’t code for “squeezing our unions.”

The Business News Network report sums up what the news means well in both the written post quoted from above and the series of great video interviews with analysts that loops at the top. Everyone is excited about how BCE is growing according to expectations, benefitting from wireless adoption, and BCEs infrastructure profile relative to that of its competitors across Canada.

It’s all good news for BCE. Let’s make sure incoming RBC Chief Executive Officer Gord Nixon, who will be nominated as chairperson of BCE, recognizes us for the role our work plays in BCEs success, instead of reporting profits based on paying us less.