Bell and Mila join forces to drive AI innovation in the telecommunications sector


  • Three-year partnership supports the development of cutting-edge AI solutions, enhancing customer experience and optimizing business operations

MONTRÉAL, June 13, 2024 /CNW/ – Mila and Bell are pleased to announce a new partnership to develop cutting-edge AI solutions. This collaboration is driven by a shared vision to enhance customer experience, optimize business operations and cultivate a vibrant AI ecosystem within Québec and across Canada.

In line with Bell’s significant investments in AI, this partnership reinforces Bell’s transformation as a technology services leader, harnessing Mila’s groundbreaking research to drive transformative improvements across Bell’s operations. From data analysis and operational efficiency to internet-based applications, Mila’s expertise will accelerate advancements that will enhance the customer experience.

This announcement builds on the 18-month collaborative project (opens in new window)  Mila and Bell entered into earlier this year to apply deep learning neural network algorithms to Bell’s environment. This technique leverages the transformative power of AI deep learning to teach computers how to process information in a manner inspired by the human brain.


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