BTS Clerical Bargaining Update



Sisters and Brothers, On Wednesday November 7, 2018, the BTS Clerical Bargaining Committee along with Local 1996-O Executive met for their first Mobilization with its members at the Argentia Rd. offices.  The Bargaining Committee consists of Lee Zommers, Robin Whaley and Ron Hori of Unifor Local 1996-O. All unit members as a first step in regards to the Clerical Bargaining have had opportunity to voice concerns openly of their committee, and we thank all for the prior Bargaining Proposal submissions.

Members were given Unifor Local 1996-O Bargaining T-shirts and lanyards and were asked as a show of solidarity to wear them daily while working.

The Bargaining Committee are very hopeful that an agreement that is both equitable and progressive for its members can be reached in a timely manner and we are prepared to work tirelessly to this end.

Bargaining of this contract officially commences on Monday November 12, 2018. The Bargaining Committee will ensure full openness and transparency with the Unit members. Please stay informed by visiting all Social media outlets as well as the Local Website for further communications.              Let’s bargain!!

During this meet and greet, the Clerical members were also asked to fill out the Unifor National Performance Management Survey that is currently being completed by all Telco members in Canada.

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In Solidarity,

Lee, Robin, Ron






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