BTS Educational Assistance Program

Bell Technical Solutions is proud to be a part of your success! We support the pursuit of education for employees who would like to expand or refresh their knowledge in subjects that relate to the company’s strategic goals and objectives. The Educational Assistance Program is open to all BTS employees with at least one year of service.
What to do before registering for courses
You must complete the request form signed by the immediate manager and send it to the Human Resources team for initial approval. If the courses you wish to take are approved, you could be eligible for a maximum reimbursement of $1,500 per calendar year.
What to do once the course for the semester is completed
Upon successful completion of the course for the semester, and within the following 3 months, you will need to provide the Human Resources team with a transcript confirming proof of a passing grade or a certificate of completion along with a detailed invoice for tuition fee payment. You must also be an active employee at the time of reimbursement. Note: Applications received after the 3-month deadline will not be reimbursed.
Complete details about the Educational Assistance Program, including the application process, can be found on inet. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Human Resources team by email.
The Human Resources Team