Canada needs a national action plan on gender-based violence

Unifor is calling for Canada to develop a National Action Plan on Gender-Based Violence that is harmonized with the parallel national action plan(s) on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG). A National Action Plan would ensure a shared understanding of the root causes of gender-based violence as well as put in place coordinated and effective efforts across the federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal levels.

Minister Monsef’s mandate letter clearly calls for a National Action Plan on Gender-Based Violence, with a focus on ensuring that anyone facing gender-based violence has reliable and timely access to protection and services.

The isolation of the pandemic is leading to an increase in violence and is straining the budgets of community services. On average, every 2.5 days, one woman or girl is killed in this country – a consistent trend for four decades. Where an accused has been identified, 91% are male, consistent with national and international patterns.

Indigenous women and girls were overrepresented as victims. Although they make up about five percent of the population in Canada, they represented 36% of those women and girls who were killed by violence.

This is not an issue for another day; this action plan is needed now. Will you add your voice today to the growing call for action?

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