Northstar Aerospace update


Unifors objective is to maintain around the clock picket coverage


Unifor has occupied the Northstar Aerospace plant located at 180 Market Drive‎, Milton (just south of Hwy.401, west of Martin Street).


In January of this year Northstar announced it was closing the plant. Today’s action was taken as a result of  the company’s continued failure to address a significant shortfall in the pension plan. Without additional funding from the company, the shortfall will lead to a 24% reduction in pension benefits


Unifor members occupy Milton plant that makes Boeing parts – Toronto – CBC News



Sisters and Brothers,

Northstar Aerospace is closing its Milton facility on September 30, 2017 and it is leaving behind a pension short fall that will affect current and future retirees who are members of Unifor Local 112.

If Northstar does not supplement the pension fund and gets away with this, our members will be stuck with a 24% cut to their pension. Other benefits and severance payments are also at risk.

We need to support our retirees and active members. Northstar has a moral obligation and has the financial ability to meet this pension short fall. Unifor will not stand by and allow Northstar to just walk away.

Please join me on August 2 at a demonstration at the Northstar facility located at 180 Market Drive in Milton at 5:30 a.m.–9:30 a.m. and let’s send this employer a message: Retirees deserve better.

See you on August 2 and be sure to bring your union flag.

In solidarity,

Jerry Dias

National President