CRTC sides with Rogers in its dispute with Bell over toll-free call routing

Telecom Decision CRTC 2019-390

Rogers Communications Canada Inc. – Application regarding routing of the company’s toll-free traffic destined for Bell Canada’s toll-free telephone number customers

In order to enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of Canadian telecommunications, and to ensure that regulatory measures relating to network interconnection arrangements promote competitive neutrality, the Commission directs Bell Canada, as a condition of providing its Routing of CLEC 800/888 Calls service, to deploy one-way toll trunks to connect with RCCI’s switches in the Bell Canada operating territories in which RCCI also provides service. These toll trunks are to be deployed for the routing of RCCI-originating toll-free (TF) traffic to Bell Canada’s toll-free telephone number (TFTN) customers, within 150 days of the date of this decision. The Commission also directs Bell Canada to file with the Commission, at least 30 days prior to completing the deployment of the toll trunks, proposed revised tariff pages indicating that Bell Canada will receive RCCI-originating TF traffic destined for Bell Canada’s TFTN customers over the toll trunks deployed to RCCI’s switches.

The Commission denies RCCI’s request to start billing Bell Canada, as of 1 April 2019, for all TF-related charges and minutes associated with RCCI-originating TF traffic destined for Bell Canada’s TFTN customers. The Commission determines that it would be appropriate for RCCI to begin charging Bell Canada for the traffic in question commencing on the date that Bell Canada completes the deployment of its one-way toll trunks to RCCI’s switches.
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