Del Monte workers join Unifor – Oshawa

Workers at an Oshawa warehouse for Del Monte have voted overwhelmingly to join Unifor, following certification vote ordered by the Labour Board because of the company’s actions.

“This vote really shows the power of workers to stand up and resist the intimidation tactics of their employer,” said Unifor National President Jerry Dias.

“Here we have a company that aggressively tried to keep its workers form unionizing, and yet they stood together and collectively gained a voice in the workplace. This is a real example of workers showing true solidarity.”

The 250 workers, employed by Premier Implementation Solutions to work in the canning company’s warehouse, voted 94 per cent in favour of joining Unifor.

The Ontario Labour Relations Board ordered the February 18 vote after the employer fired two workers who were active in the organizing drive. Those workers received a Unifor-negotiated settlement from the company before the vote was held.

Unifor organizers immediately stepped up communications with the diverse workforce at the warehouse, including flyers and other materials in English, Punjabi and Tagalog, the primary languages spoken in the warehouse.

“These workers were not going to be intimidated, and showed great resolve in voting to join Unifor,” said Unifor Organizing Director Kellie Scanlan. “I am proud to welcome them to our union.”