Have you made your voice heard?

Telco-Survey-1600x800px-ENPlease fill out the survey today, on a personal phone or computer- not your company computer- and not during work hours.


Last week, your union reached out and asked you to join a conversation.

This conversation asks a simple question, do performance management programs actually help you perform better at work?

To answer this question, members in the telecommunications sector are participating in a massive membership survey. Have you filled out the survey yet? Click here to get started now.

As the CRTC is looking into the effects of high-pressure sales tactics, your union wants to learn more about the underlying causes of this pressure.How does your company’s performance management system affect you as an employee?

Your story matters. Add your voice to this survey today- and make sure that your experiences are counted.

We won’t share any personal or identifying information with the employer ever. But your union will be able to use your confidential responses to make the case for changing these structures. Through our collective voice, we can make jobs in telco good jobs for current and future Unifor members.

If you already did the survey, then we still need your help! Talk to your coworkers about the survey; tell them why you filled it out, and why they should too.

For more information and materials, visit the campaign cage on the national website.

In solidarity,

Chris MacDonald                                    John Caluori
Assistant to the National President            Assistant to the Quebec Director