Have your Say in the Telco Member Survey


Unifor launched a cross-Canada Telecommunications Member Survey on Working from Home. All members are invited to participate in this survey, to help paint a clear picture of the effects of changing work environments in the telecommunications sector.

Please fill out the survey today, on a personal phone or computer – not your company computer – and not during work hours.


Unifor wants to know about members’ experiences working from home, including the impact of that work on job performance, personal lives, mental and physical health, and more.

Your union will use this confidential information to help develop stronger bargaining demands, improve our working conditions, and demand better rules and legislation from governments.


The Working from Home survey will be open until Sunday, October 4, at midnight, and is available in both English and French.


English: www.unifor.org/wfhsurvey

French: www.unifor.org/tadsondage