“IMPORTANT INFO” Regarding 2018 T4 Tax Slips issued

1996-O Executive Message

Sisters and Brothers

All Members

Have you just received your 2018  T4 Tax slip from the employer through E-Pay, Canada post or both?

It has been brought to our attention that Box 85 for –Employee-paid premiums for private health services plans may not have been reported. Please be advised to review your T4 tax slip

Further information can be acquired by contacting Employee Services  1.888.729.8626. They will provide detailed information regarding the 2018 Tax slip.

You may also visit the link below for The Government of Canada website – T4 Statement of Remuneration paid, For detailed information on the amounts shown in the boxes of your T4 slip and to find related information to what the impact may or may not be when filing your 2018 Tax return.



Update as of  4:12pm March 7, 2019 – Communication from Employee Services below:

“Following an error when printing the T4, box 85 was missing.   Note that this box is optional so no negative impact for you. Even if you have already made your tax returns this has no impact for you.

We still thought it necessary to reprint and to send a new T4 slip with box 85 added.

Please note the new version will be available on Epay soon.”




In Solidarity,

Local 1996-O Executive

Lee, Brian, Chris



Previously communicated message from Employee Services

2018 Tax Slips