LOCAL 1996-O CHIEF STEWARD STRUCTURED CABLE ELECTION 2021 (May 7 2021- May 31 2021) – reminder

Sisters and Brothers,

Reminder,  1996-O Structured Cable Chief Steward Election, the deadline to return your ballots by way of Canada Post is no later than May 19th 2021 2400 hrs.


(May 7th 2021)

Nominations have closed for the 2021 1996-O Chief Steward Elections.

There will be an Election for Chief Steward in Structured Cable 1996-O,

The dates of the election are the following:

  • Mail out of ballots will commence from May 7th 2021.
  • Return ballot envelopes must be deposited by way of Canada Post no later than May 19th 2021 2400hrs.
    (Note any return ballot envelopes postmarked after May 20th 2021 will not be accepted or counted.)
    Spoiled ballots are those that do not clearly indicate the person voted for/and or otherwise marked in any way, including if the return envelope has been written/marked on, or tampered with. (There is a detailed explanation insert with the mailed out ballot.)
  • Seniority list from April of 2021 will be used as a voters list
  • Member Address List: The Current home address list of 1996-O Structured Cable members attained from BTS/Unifor1996-O in May 2021
  • May 11th 2021 @ 1000hrs is the deadline to inform the committee of an address discrepancy on file with the employer/Union. The committee must be informed via email Elections1996@gmail.com for the correction, there will be no exceptions.
  • Please note eligibility to vote is for Structured cable members of 1996-O
  • The Election will take place on May 31st 2021.

1996-O, Structured Cable Chief Steward 2021 Election candidates as follows:

  • Lloyd Bishop
  • Colum Lynn


In Solidarity,

Local 1996-O