Members phone Premier Ford to demand Ontario sign federal child care deal


On February 3, 2022, members across Ontario participated in a Day of Action to urge provincial Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) and Premier Ford to sign the federal child care plan that promises more than $30 billion in funding to create accessible, affordable, quality child care nationwide.

“Unifor members are frustrated that Ontario is the last province to sign the child care deal,” said Naureen Rizvi, Ontario Regional Director. “During our mass call-in on the Day of Action, we shared our child care stories directly with the MPPs and talked about the huge costs associated with an often very necessary expense. Ontario families need the support the federal program offers and Premier Ford needs to stop waiting and just get the deal done.”

There is added pressure for Ontario to secure the deal before the end of the federal fiscal year on March 31, 2022.

“If Premier Ford does not sign the deal before the end of March, Ontario will lose the first year of funding – $1.2 billion!” said Tracey Ramsey, Unifor Women’s Director. “Universal child care programs have proven to more than pay for themselves through increased workforce participation, particularly by women, and through increased productivity. Women have been advocating for child care for decades and now it’s within reach – we just need the Premier to make it happen.”

Did you miss the Day of Action but are still interested in advocating for child care in Ontario? Contact your MPP or one of the key government ministers below and tell them why we need accessible, affordable, quality child care now.

Click here for contact information for all Ontario MPPs.

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