NEW CBA ratification – Retro pay for wages and Per Diem

Sisters and Brothers


Many of you have reached out regarding retroactive pay for wages…the bargaining committee has dealt with the issue.

Many technicians on loan may have not received the new Per Diem rate while on loan out of their common locality for hotel stays since ratification of the CBA in Ontario, this has also been addressed with the company and bargaining committee for resolve.

Note – A communication from HR quoted below was sent on June 14 2022

To: All team members in Ontario
From: The Human Resources team

As a result of the renewal of the Collective Agreement in Ontario, we would like to inform you that the salary and daily allowance increases related to transfers for technicians, logistics attendants and cable pullers will take effect on July 6 and be paid retroactively to May 8.

We will continue to keep the team informed as more changes are implemented and will provide a grid with the respective timelines.

Please note that the bargaining process for the Collective Agreement in Québec does not affect the renewal of the Collective Agreement in Ontario.

Thank you.

The Human Resources team “