On Black Friday, let’s support warehouse workers

Source: Unifor National

warehouse workers

We can’t help but think of how busy warehouses across Canada and the United States are going to be this week in the lead up to Black Friday.

While companies like Amazon try to get a head start on their profits prior to the holiday season, and customers shop in stores and online in search of sales, warehouse workers are left carrying the heaviest burden. During this period, expectations and workloads rise while wages remain the same and working conditions get more difficult.

During the pandemic, warehouse workers faced some of the most difficult situations, including many COVID-19 outbreaks in Canadian warehouses.

Warehouse workers across the country deserve the best health and safety protections, fair wages, better working conditions, and respect on the job.

This year, for Black Friday, our union is sharing with all Unifor local unions a new campaign, titled “Warehouse Workers Unite”. This campaign aims to bring attention to the experience of warehouse workers, and to encourage warehouse workers to consider what our union can do to help them gain a voice and respect on the job.

You will find more information, resources, videos to watch and a social media shareable at www.warehouseworkersunite.ca

We ask that local unions support this campaign by:

  1. Sharing the campaign website, video and social media sharable on your local union websites, social media channels and with your members
  2. Post this tweet or write your own: As #BlackFriday ramps up seasonal shopping, warehouse workers will carry the load. #Unifor believes warehouse workers deserve decent wages, H & S protections, better working conditions & respect on the job. #WarehouseWorkersUnite
  3. Communicate with Unifor’s organizing department if your local union has any contacts for workers who currently work in non-union warehouses
  4. Thank and support frontline workers during the busy holiday season.

We have a lot of work to do to bring justice and respect for warehouse workers across Canada. We look forward to your help and participation in this new campaign.

In solidarity,

Jerry Dias                      Lana Payne                                    Renaud Gagné
National President         National Secretary-Treasurer         Quebec Director