Ontario workers need paid sick days now

Woman sits on a couch blowing her nose, with a thermometer in her hand.


The lack of paid sick days for all workers in Ontario persists as a stain on our society, and is leaving too many at risk from COVID-19 and other contagious illnesses.

Workplaces are by far, the largest contributor to the spread of COVID-19. By mid-December, nearly 8,000 workers in Ontario had contracted COVID-19 on the job. A month later, that number is likely to be far higher.

At this point, 10 months into the pandemic, the speedy implementation of employer-paid sick days should not be a matter of public debate.

It should be implemented, province-wide, immediately.  Momentum is on our side. We are the majority, but we need to take collective action in order to win.

Since Doug Ford and his conservative Ministers are unwilling to do what it takes, we need to increase the pressure on them.

The City of Toronto is on its way toward adding a strong voice to pressure the province to implement paid sick days. We think that all municipalities should join the fight.

The fact is, each of our local communities, towns and cities have citizens to protect from COVID-19, and Premier Ford isn’t doing it for them.

So, whether you have paid sick days or you have none, this issue affects you.

Add your voice today and call your city councilor.


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