Open Enrolment and Modification Window Starts Today!


All employees covered by the 2018-2022 CBA in Ontario
All leaders and professionals in Ontario
The Human Resources Team
Open Enrolment and Modification Window Starts Today!
*Please note that we have updated the communication below to reflect accurate employee status titles.
As a follow-up from last week’s communication, we are happy to announce the opening of the benefit enrolment window effective today, June 11, through to June 29.
To enrol, fill out the proper form, and send it to Employee Services (address available in the forms). These forms are also available in the Group Insurance page on i-net.
The processing of the form could take up to 2 weeks. New enrolment and modifications requested will be effective on July 1.
Click here or visit the Group Insurance page on i-net for general benefits coverage information.
If you are already enrolled in the benefits and would like to get more information on your own coverage, connect to My Client Space or call Industrial Alliance at 1-877-780-5933.
Thank you,
The Human Resources Team