OT Averaging Agreement and MOA Roll-out – Update

The MOS’s and OT Averaging agreement is being rolled out jointly to the province with both Management and a Trained Union Representative in each session to explain in detail the process and to answer any questions you may have.


Recently the Company and Unifor National had agreed to settle several National Policy Grievances as well as adopt an Overtime Averaging Agreement.

Local 1996-O Executive and BTS management have been jointly reviewing the MOA’s and OT Averaging Agreement for the upcoming joint roll-out to the Union Membership.

The following will be discussed:
In an attempt to improve the working environment and relationship, the
Company and the Union have agreed to settle 4 National Policy Grievances,
and have clarified the language on scheduling practices going forward.

National Policy Grievance: Agreements between BTS and Unifor
➢ Assigned <8 hours for PT employees on DOR/NGR
➢ Assigned <8 hours for FT employees on DOR
➢ Assigning FT employees to work overtime weekend shifts in excess of the limits (per status) of the CBA (Article 16.02 (f))
➢ Assigning FT employees when junior employees are available to be scheduled on regular and OT hours
➢Overtime Averaging Agreement

Averaging of Hours Agreement 2017

BTS – Minutes of Settlement National Policy Grievances