Performance Road Map – Update

Sister and Brothers,
We wanted to follow up on discussions which began last fall regarding the performance management program, formerly called “Performance Road Map” or “Stacked Ranking”.
In the meeting last fall we provided many examples to the company about the unfairness of many aspects of the performance management program. We gave examples where expectations were not clear, metrics for evaluation had not been communicated and coaching was virtually non-existent, and in many cases the programs seemed to be focused on discipline vs actually creating a fully trained and efficient workforce.
On Monday, we, along with the National Representatives who lead bargaining for each of the Bell Canada companies, along with the Telecommunications Director Tyson Siddall, met with the company.
This meeting was not to replace the contractual obligations Bell has to our Atlantic and Clerical committees as a result of recent bargaining. Nor was it to resolve the grievances filed in the different bargaining units.
What was clear about this presentation is that efforts have been made to consider our input into creating a program which they have called “Coaching for Success”. It does appear that a lot of internal examination of the previous program has taken place and to the credit of Bell, they were quite honest with us about the short comings of the former PRM and particularly the unwelcome effects on our membership.
Admissions regarding unclear evaluation criteria, ill trained supervisors on coaching techniques and a system that seemed to be focused in some cases on discipline instead of coaching were some of the things Bell talked about and expressed a desire to change in the new program they are calling Coaching for Success.

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In solidarity,
John Caluori                        Chris MacDonald
Assistant to the Quebec     Director Assistant to the National President

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