Pink Shirt Day helps lift each other up


This year, as many in our society both young and old feel isolated and alone, it is more important than ever to stand united against bullying on Pink Shirt Day, February 24, 2021.

The pandemic has detached people from friends and family and cut off traditional support networks for many. In some cases, it has forced increased contact with bullies within COVID-19 cohorts or online harassment as kids and teens expand digital platform use.

This year’s theme is “lift each other up”, an important reminder that we have the power to provide support and kindness and to advocate for those who need it.  

Harassment and threats are endured in schools, workplaces, online and even within the so-called safety of home, with increased risk to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, two-spirited and queer (LGBTQ) people.

Unifor has a clear policy to address all forms of harassment and bullying in the workplace to help create a safe, harassment-free work environment.

Pink Shirt Day originated 14-years ago in Nova Scotia when a group of high school students supported a grade 9 boy bullied for wearing a pink shirt.  Now each year Canadians nationwide put on their pink to stand against bullying on the last Wednesday in February.

On February 24 wear something pink to let those who are experiencing bullying know they are not alone and to tell aggressors that their actions will not be tolerated. All members are encouraged to participate to send the message that you oppose homophobia and all forms of bullying.

Stand in solidarity with those who are bullied by sharing your picture or the Unifor Pink Shirt Day graphic on social media using the #Unifor and #PinkShirtDay hashtag. You can also share your photo with your Unifor family by emailing it to

Download this poster and shareable to use on Pink Shirt Day.

View statement on our website here.