Arbitration Awards/Settlements

JH 18-089 Unifor (Policy re Island Days BTS-ON-18-01) and Bell Canada AWARD

Bell Technical Solutions and UNIFOR-Popovski Grievance Award – OT

Award Bell Vacation Scheduling April 2019

Bell Canada v. Unifor, Local 6007 – Admin Letters, Attendance Policy – Award

File No. 031-18 Bel Canadal v. Unifor Local 6004

Unifor & BTS – TUM Grievance (2012-43-010) Vehicle Matching Process – TUMS – Truck Utilization Module (R. HERMAN; Dec2-14)

Award – JESUTHASAN, Eustus (BTS) Grievance #2015-1996-42

MOA – Medical Notes

2014canlii72998 – Re Medical Notes

MOA – HMP Bank

BTS – MOS 2016.11.09 – Policy Grievance BTS ON-13-07

BTS and Unifor Award morris dated March 22, 2017

MOS signed RPT Due Date Hours



Home Dispatch Rollout 2015