Ships Stay Here – Sign the petition to save Local 1 jobs



Dear Unifor members,

Unifor-MWF Local 1 members at the Halifax Shipyard need your help!

Indications are the federal government may transfer repair work on Halifax-class navy ships from the Halifax Shipyard to the Davie Shipyard in Quebec. This work has been done by our Local 1 members in Halifax since the 1990’s and supports nearly 300 jobs. This work is critical to the Nova Scotian economy and the east coast shipbuilding industry.

This transfer of work will also impact the growing young workforce at the shipyard.

Logistically and economically, it makes perfect sense to keep the work in Halifax. With a skilled workforce familiar with the Halifax-Class ships, supplier relationships firmly established in the region, an ice-free harbour, the Royal Canadian Navy’s Atlantic Fleet based right next door, and decades of experience, our members at the Irving Shipyard are best positioned to continue this work.

This is why we must act now. We are asking that you send a message to all Nova Scotia Members of Parliament, to the Minister of Defence and the Minister of Public Services and Procurement that they must uphold the intent of the National Shipbuilding Strategy to support our domestic shipbuilding industry and avoid boom-bust cycles and precarious work.

Visit to sign our petition. Ask your friends and family to sign, too.

Unifor has proven that when our sisters and brothers are in need, we show up. Support Unifor-MWF Local 1 and help us keep the Halifax-class work in Halifax.


In solidarity,

Lana Payne

Atlantic Regional Director