Solidarity action: Local 597 lock-out

Bob Orr

The locked out aerospace workers of Local 597 at DJ Composites in Gander, NL need your help – and it only takes a few seconds.

Send a message to this scab employer right now!
This American-based employer locked out 32 of our members last December and is now trying to bust the union with scabs.

This is an incredible show of disrespect for a community that helped build this company, and which famously welcomed US travelers on 9-11 into their homes.

We are asking that you check out the below link, watch the video and follow the links to send letters to both the NL Minister of Labour Al Hawkins and the CEO of DJ Composites Rezaul Chowdhury.

Letters are written, you merely need to sign and hit send from this page:

With solidarity we can win this. Make your voice heard. To learn more about the issue read this pamphlet or find out how to make a donation at

In solidarity,

Robert J. Orr

National Secretary-Treasurer