Solidarity action stops CN train in Winnipeg

Unifor members holding flags stand behind a large red Unifor banner with a stopped CN train in background.


WINNIPEG—A CN train was safely stopped during a solidarity action by Unifor members in Winnipeg this evening as part of an escalation caused by the company’s use of scab labour in Halifax.

“CN cannot escape the spotlight. The shameful behaviour by CN Autoport in Halifax will be met with resistance across our union,” said Lana Payne, Unifor National President. “CN can expect more unscheduled disruption from coast-to-coast if it continues strike-busting tactics.”

At a rail crossing at a public roadway near CN’s Winnipeg yards, close to 100 Unifor members and supporters held the solidarity action a safe distance away from the tracks.

Some cars loaded onto trains by scabs in Halifax are shipped to Winnipeg to be stored and delivered to dealerships across North America.

“The strike in Halifax will be resolved with good faith bargaining at the bargaining table. CN is wrong if it thinks it can bully our members with scabs. This approach will only extend the strike and cause headaches for its national operations,” said Gavin McGarrigle, Unifor Western Regional Director.


March 15, 2024

The next day, Unifor members walked a secondary picket line at the entrance of a autoport yard:

Unifor Local 100 members have been on strike at CN Autoport in Halifax since February 27, 2024. Within hours of the commencement of Unifor’s legal job action, the employer began using scabs (replacement workers) to cross the picket line.

The three longest disputes in Unifor’s history involved the use of scabs.

Unifor Local 100 represents 239 employees at the Autoport vehicle processing and transshipment hub, situated in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia. Operating under CN Rail, Autoport stands as one of the most extensive facilities of its kind in North America, processing and transshipping close to 185,000 vehicles annually.