Unifor members at Swipe Jobs strike to improve poverty wages

 A group of people holding Unifor On Strike signs and flags at a picket line with white truck in the background.

January 17, 2024


The 71 members of Local 222 who work for the agency Swipe Jobs – which is on contract to Del Monte Fresh in Oshawa, Ont. to supply workers – are on strike to fight for a living wage.

“Del Monte has contracted out Swipe Jobs to provide workers at their facility, all the while not taking responsibility for the subpar wages and lack of benefits, making it impossible for our members to make a decent living,” said Unifor National President Lana Payne.

“Swipe offered our members pitiful five-cent an hour raises while paying most minimum wage. We’re calling on Del Monte to do the right thing and ensure that workers in their facility, producing their products, are paid a living wage with benefits. These workers deserve so much better.”

The job agency denies workers sick days, health benefits and wage increases resulting in a high turnover of workers hired from within the newcomer community.

The strike began on Jan. 12 after members rejected Swipe Jobs’ latest collective agreement by 75%.

The members work in food production, labelling, and packing and shipping, among other job categories.

Their contract expired Oct. 18, 2023.

“This is a unit comprised mostly of newcomers whose first language is not English, and they are being preyed upon by a corporation that refuses to pay them a fair wage and supply them with benefits,” said Unifor Local 222 President Jeff Gray.

“Their predatory practices continue to disadvantage these people to the point where they are living in poverty. These members need our voice and power of the union to stand behind them.”