What is 5G, and why is Canada banning Huawei from its telecom networks?

Source: https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/huawei-5g-explainer-1.6461391

The federal government is banning China’s Huawei Technologies from involvement in Canada’s 5G wireless network. Here’s a primer on what led up to this decision and what you need to know about this next-generation wireless technology:

What is 5G?

5G technology gives Canadians faster phone and internet connections and provides vast data capacity amid growth in innovations and increased demand.

The technology that supports the network has been redesigned from previous generations. 5G relies on multiple antennas to move signals around, bouncing them quickly between locations. Phone users aren’t going to notice the boost in speed if they’re making a call, surfing the internet or using an online app because the difference is about 100 milliseconds, but that difference is noticeable at a larger scale.

The antennas are also smaller and can be placed in more locations like buildings or street lights. Rogers Communications Inc., Bell Canada parent BCE Inc., and Telus Corp. have been expanding their 5G networks over the past few years, beginning in major cities.


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