Working Schedules on Election Day


The provincial elections will be held on Thursday, June 7. With respect to the Ontario Elections Act, all employees are entitled to 3 consecutive hours to cast their vote on polling day, between the voting hours of 9:00 am and 9:00 pm.

All technicians who are scheduled to work on June 7 on a 7:30-6:30 shift, 8-7 shift, 10-7 shift or a 10-9 shift will be sent a text message to inquire if they want time off to vote. Anyone who responds “yes” will have their schedule modified accordingly.

All other employees should request the time off from their immediate Manager. Their Manager will ensure they are paid accordingly as required. Time will be coded as POP.

Click here for the Q&A and for details regarding shifts that require modifications.

The Human Resources and Workforce Management Teams