1996-O Members on STD/LTD – Not Attested to company vaccine mandate of Feb 2022 ?

Sisters and brothers of 1996-O.
Those effected on STD/LTD benefits and absent from the workplace and have not attested to the company mandate for full vaccination compliance as of Jan 31 2022.
It has been brought to this executive’s attention that some of you who are currently on benefits and absent from work may have received letters in regards to attestation for the company Jan 31st vaccine mandate. For those who have previously attested and in compliance in regards to the vaccine mandated by the company, this is likely not applicable to you.
BTS 1996-O members who may not have attested prior to Jan 31st 2022, and started STD/LTD prior to the attestation deadline date, should reach out to this executive for additional information. The company is imposing termination for those that have not vaccinated by May 1 regardless of remaining on benefits beyond this May deadline. Many of you may not be returning or fit for regular duties till well beyond May 2022.
Sisters and Brothers, if this is applicable to you, we want to hear from you to provide you with additional information. Please reach out to one of the Executive.
Below is sample language in the letter sent to those effected:

Since you failed to attest to being fully vaccinated before starting your leave, we wish to inform you of what will happen when you will be cleared to return to work and remain non-compliant with the Company’s vaccination policy:

  • If your return to work date is prior to May 1st. 2022: You will be put on an unpaid leave until May 1st. 2022. date  on  which  your  employment  will  be terminated  without  further  notice, indemnity or pay in lieu. Your employment will not be terminated if you submit your proof demonstrating that you are Fully vaccinated to (Vaccine Verification Email) prior to May 1st, 2022.
  • If your return to work dote is on or after May 1st, 2022: Your employment will be terminated at the end of your leave without further notice. Indemnity or pay in lieu.
In Solidarity,
President, 1996-O
Lee Zommers