35% Alarm Force Discount


All BTS employees in Ontario
The Human Resources Team
35% AlarmForce discount for BTS employees
All Bell Technical Solutions team members in Ontario and Québec can now get a 35% employee discount on AlarmForce home security and automation solutions, and receive 2 months free when signing up as a new customer by June 30.
The discount applies to the monthly fee for Smart Home bundles. Some bundles also include the AlarmForce app, which enables you to check the status of your security system, lock doors, adjust temperatures, access home video cameras remotely from your smartphone and more.
If you are currently with another provider, AlarmForce can easily take over your system and even convert your current equipment to work with your new system. Plus, you can expect many more innovations as we grow Bell’s Connected Home business in the months and years ahead.
We are also featuring a 15% discount on our innovative AlarmCare Medical Alert system that provides access to emergency response services at the push of a button for family members who may have a medical issue that affects their independence.
For more details about the discounts, eligibility and plan pricing please visit the AlarmForce discount page on i-net.
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