Action required to support Workers at Fiera Foods


Dear members,

You may have heard the tragic news that a worker, Enrico Miranda, a husband and father of two children, was killed while working at the Toronto industrial bakery Fiera Foods. This is the fifth such death of a temp agency worker at Fiera Foods and its affiliated companies since 1999.

Fiera Foods primarily employs temp agency workers who are among the most vulnerable and precariously employed in the country.

On October 2, Unifor and several other labour unions and community groups mobilized to hold a solidarity action to demand justice for Enrico Miranda and the four other workers killed at Fiera Foods properties. Management cancelled the shifts to prevent workers and the community from coming together in solidarity. It is unclear whether the employer will pay these workers for the cancelled shifts.

I am requesting that all members across Ontario send out messages today over social media to Fiera Foods, Minister McNaughton, and Doug Ford. Please use the sample tweets below to express your own outrage.

@Fordnation @MonteMcNaughton #FieraFoods Management cancelled shifts so workers could not bear witness to community outrage. They deserve to be paid and management should face criminal charges in the death of the workers. Kill a worker. Go to jail! #canlab #onpoli

#FieraFoods must pay workers for shifts cancelled during the protest to call for #JusticeforEnrico – the 5th worker to lose his life at Fiera @fordnation @MonteMcNaughton

In solidarity,

Naureen Rizvi
Ontario Director