Attendance Management Notice’s

It has come to the Local’s attention that some individuals who have received 1st or 2nd Attendance Management Notice letters, to pay close attention to the wording in those letters as the example quoted below.

“Failure to provide the doctor’s note with the appropriate information on the day you
return to work will result in the absence being noted as “PCU” and may result in disciplinary action.”


  • Have you received attendance letters with similar wording
  • Are you a Full-Time employee who is absent due to sickness without being hospitalized and required to provide a Dr. note and denied MSP
  • If you are entitled to MSP benefits based on your status of employment under the CBA Article 22, and did not receive MSP for sick time as a result

The Local Union has filed a Policy Grievance on this matter and believes the CBA rights to MSP benefits have been violated. If any of the above applies to you please contact a Local Steward for more information.


In Solidarity