Bell Craft Bargaining – Update #18


Campaign Update

Information Bulletin #18

6/11/2021 -Sisters and Brothers,

After several months of intensive and rigorous negotiations, we have reached yet another impasse. Bargaining resumed on May 18th, as the Company had requested an extension to the conciliation process. As such, we continued to bargain these past four weeks with your priorities in mind.

Although the Company had made changes to their previous demands, in all reality, they never wanted to reach an agreement. They have made it very clear that their agenda is to further erode our bargaining unit. They would not address our priority demands such as allocation of work or contracting out. The company and committee did exchange proposals regarding job security, however, the cost was simply too high. The company was proposing concessionary items that would directly affect future sets of bargaining beyond November of 2024 and would deny the rights of employees or the union to file grievances under the threat of removing any negotiated job security.

The company refused to negotiate any further, when we refused to agree to their unreasonable and unfair terms.

That being said, we have been left with no choice but to focus on the need to resolve the essential services issue, in front of the Canadian Industrial Relations Board. We will continue to provide updates as we work through this process. Our next step will be to meet with the bargaining caucus next Wednesday June 16th to explain in further detail what lead to impasse and encourage members to reach out to their locals.

We thank you for your patience and continued support during bargaining.

In Solidarity,
Your Bargaining Committee