Bell Craft & Services – Reversal of Bell Craft Layoffs

Unifor National

To: Unifor Bell Local Unions
Dear members,
We are writing to confirm that your bargaining committee has successfully negotiated an agreement
with the company to completely reverse the layoffs of technicians that were announced on April 18,

The company agreed to a full recall of the 76 members who had received a surplus notice. Members
will return to work under their same job classification with the exception of 6 members who will be
reclassified from TPT to RPT.

The union and the company also agreed to the offer of a limited Retirement Incentive Offer (RIO) to
Craft and Services employees who are eligible for retirement on or before May 31, 2019. The offer
will be made to 150 members by seniority and will grant up to 76 offers to members with the
greatest seniority. Once the seniority driven RIO has been offered, there will be additional RIO’s
targeted to the areas where surplus has been declared.
This targeted RIO allowed us to avoid the surplus of our members………

Bulletin # 18 Reversal of Bell Craft Layoffs