BTS Rules for Bargaining Caucus – Letter to all Locals

Recognizing the importance that the voice of all members of 1996-O are heard, your Executive have appealed, won and changed the process by which the bargaining committee is chosen. There absolutely must be a 1996-O representative at the bargaining table to ensure we get a fair and equitable agreement for all 1996-O members. Your Executive are committed to get the best possible agreement and to keep you completely updated regularly. Your voice will be heard!

In Solidarity

Lee,  Brian,  Chris


To: All BTS Locals in Ontario
November 15, 2017
The National President’s Office received a complaint from Local 1996-O with regards to the
recent changes under the BTS Rules for Bargaining Caucus, in the selection of bargaining
representatives and alternates. It was raised that these new Caucus Rules are in violation of the
Unifor’s Constitution, 17:A:3;
3. The process for election of local bargaining committees shall be fair and representative.
This was reviewed by Rick Garant, Unifor Director of Constitutional Matters. He concluded that
the former CEP rules that elected a representative and an alternate in each of the three
geographical regions (North-East, Central, and South-West) adhered to Unifor’s Constitution
and guaranteed fair regional representation. The Caucus rules attached are amended to align
with the ruling and will be used for the 2017 BTS Bargaining Caucus taking place from
November 21 to 23, 2017.
In solidarity,
Tyson Siddall
Telecommunications Director
cc: Jerry Dias, Chris MacDonald, Rick Garant, Gary Beck and all National Representatives servicing BTS Locals
in Ontario.

BTS Rules Letter to All Locals