Chief Steward Nominations 1996-O

The 7 day Chief Steward Nomination period is now open as of April 22 2021, nominations must be received by Fax (416-538-1997) no later than      April 30 2021 at 10:00am EST.

Please follow the instructions on the nomination form itself to correctly indicate your current division and location as well as information and times etc….       see sample nomination attached below


  • Chief Steward Eligibility: Nominees must have been elected in the March 2021 Steward Elections for Local 1996-O


  • Due to Covid-19 restrictions if you are unable to obtain signatures from nominators, indicate in the signature field the nominator’s contact phone number which will be confirmed


Sample Nomination Form (This is a sample only)

Sample – Nomination Form Chief Stewards 2021


Download 2021 Chief Steward Nomination Form here

Nomination Form Chief Steward 2021